Belly Burner Band

Belly Burner Band

THE Belly Burner Wrap comes in one size, measured by your waist and mid section being 50" or less. Like all of our products, the Belly Burner Wrap enhances maximum sweat with its coated nylon material, which is a heat retention that helps with water weight loss, while shaping and toning the areas covered. The only difference in the Belly Burner Wrap is it doesn’t absorb the sweat, there isnt a zipper which makes it more adjustable to your comfort, and it has a secure storage pocket on the outside. The wrap velcro is adjustable for you to adjust the wrap to your liking. OH and it pairs perfect with our sweat cream!
Color: Black (white logo)
  • Clean and Care

    • Do NOT wash in washing machine. This will eventually destroy the texture and elastic. Hand wash only, with a soft cloth.

    • Do NOT bleach. This will fade and discolor your product, use washing liquid.

    • Do NOT dry in dryer. This will destroy the sizing and texture, air dry only.

    • Do NOT wear while wet. This will cause your product to have an odor. Again, be sure to allow your product to completely air dry.

    • Do NOT wear before cleaning. Toxins that are released when sweating will cause an odor. Hand Wash your product after every use and allow to air dry before the next use.

  • Refund & Exchange Policy



    We do not offer refunds, but we can issue store credit or an exchange for eligible orders.

    This does not guarantee that you will be able to exchange for the exact same item, if we are out of stock of a particular product, we may require you to exchange for a different item. If you choose not to exchange for a different item, we can then offer credit that you can use to repurchase at a later time, such as when the item becomes back in stock. Credit will not include or cover shipping cost.



    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, exchanges can be made for eligible items. Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from us. We will physically inspect each return and we reserve the right to refuse an item if it does not pass inspection. In order for an exchange to be accepted, the item that you are returning should be in new condition and inside the original packaging with all original tags attached. Exchanges should show no signs of wear, odors, stains and no dampness from sweat. If the exchange is denied, you will be responsible for the cost of having the item shipped back to you.



    After receiving your return, we will process your order within 4-9 business days.

    -You can use any shipping method you desire.

  • Sizing

    One Size fits most.

    Up to 50" in the mid section.