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It first begins with your mindset. Once you mentally are ready to work for the results, you put in the work. The first step to waist training and weight loss is your diet (see my blood type diet plan under cleanse, diet, and detox). You must remain consistent! If you are not being consistent, how can you expect results?

Find your FIT! Sizing is everything, you don't want a trainer thats too small or too large ( see the size charts in the product gallery). If the trainer fits well, it should feel very snug. While it may be tricky to put on, you shouldn’t have to yank or pull the garment hard to get it to zip and snap. This indicates that it is too small, and if you force it too much, you risk damaging it.

Be sure to also purchase either a trainer and/or sweat gear such as our sweat vest or belly burner wrap for the gym to enhance sweat while you workout, and a everyday trainer to wear outside of the gym when you're working, doing errands, eating, and/or sleeping. You'll want to have two trainers for hygiene purposes.

You’ll want to ease your way into waist training. Meaning, don’t jump into your brand new waist trainer and keep it on all day! Your body needs time to adjust to the feeling of compression, your torso has to get used to the feeling of sitting and standing so straight, and your garment also needs some time to break in. You only want to wear your trainer for one hour on day one and add a hour each day following, for example, day 1-1 hour, day 2 -2hours day 3 -3 hours and so on. On day 9 take a break from training (don't waist train on the 9th day). On day 10 resume 8 hour training, but take a break after 4 hours. If you are serious about getting the best results from waist training wear a waist trainer every day. After 2 weeks of consistently training you should feel comfortable wearing your trainer for 8 hours a day. You can choose to wear your trainer for a maximum of 12 hours but no longer so that your body has time to rest and your trainer retain its shape.

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